Governance, Democracy and Development

Institutional Strengthening

Institutional Strengthening lies at the heart of our commitment to driving positive change and progress in Somalia and the East African region.


We recognize that the strength and effectiveness of institutions, whether they be governmental or organizational, are key pillars in achieving stability and development.


Our dedicated team collaborates closely with governments and organizations to identify areas where improvements are needed. We then design tailored strategies to enhance their institutional capacity, foster efficiency, and improve overall effectiveness.


By providing training, guidance, and actionable plans, we empower our partners to become more robust and responsive entities, better equipped to address the pressing challenges they face and facilitate positive change within their spheres of influence.

Policy Development and Implementation

Policy Development and Implementation represent a critical facet of our commitment to
promoting positive change and sustainable development in Somalia and the East African region.


Our team of experts works closely with governments, organizations, and institutions to craft policies that are not only sound in theory but also pragmatic in practice. We ensure that these policies are tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the region.


Beyond policy formulation, we actively support the implementation process, assisting in translating policies into action. Our aim is to drive positive change and create a tangible impact by ensuring that policies are not just documents but living instruments of progress.

Capacity Building and Training

Empowering individuals and institutions with the knowledge and skills needed to drive sustainable development is at the core of our mission at Atlas Consulting Group.


Through our Capacity Building and Training programs, we take a proactive approach to fostering positive change. We believe that a well-informed and skilled workforce is the driving force behind progress.


Our dynamic training initiatives cater to the specific needs of individuals and organizations, equipping them with the expertise required to navigate the complexities of development, governance, and conflict resolution.


We ensure that our clients have the tools to not only adapt to challenges but also to lead the charge in building a more prosperous future for their communities.


Our commitment to capacity building underscores our dedication to leaving a lasting legacy of knowledge and capability in every project we undertake.